Company Profile

Welcome to Red Fusion One. We connect the dots. We provide you with the solutions. We are what fuses Retail, E-commerce and Distribution in a whole new package.

Red Fusion One connects you only to the popular brands. Rather than focusing on anticipating what the market ‘needs’, we are set out after only what we know the market ‘wants’ given our acute product sensitivity and industry knowledge. With a solid tradition built on a dedication to excellence, you can never go wrong with us.

Customer service is our forté, be it our partners or our end consumers. We pride upon the products and services that we offer, and given the extensive outreach that we are equipped with, we will always be one step ahead of your needs.

What is Red Fusion One?

We begin with a goal in mind, and we set forth to achieve it with limitless boundaries. Customers are our inspiration, creating value out of packaged solutions. We aspire to make that difference beyond our individual capabilities, and we shall work better as a team to connect the world.
To be the region’s leading distributor of desirable brands and provider of the most holistic and sought after services. Connecting every component of the society to their needs.

Our Team

Dedication 110
Outreach 70
Knowledge 90